Bathroom Butler NATURAL Freestanding Towel Rail


Our heated towel rails are a beautiful and a hygienic solution to wet towels left on the bathroom floor. Damp towels would require frequent washing because they provide an ideal breeding ground for germs. Electric towel racks keep towels dry and fresh, so less frequent washing is required.


Bathroom Butler NATURAL Freestanding 5 Bar Towel Rail with PTSelect Switch

A mobile option of our most popular rail, the Natural 5 bar free standing rail is 650mm in width, light to carry and can dry 2 bath sheets and 1 bath towel. Ideal as an add-on in your current bathroom or for a guest bathroom or bedroom, the classic design will suit any style. Fitted with a manual rotary switch for on/off functionality.

Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 83.3 × 57.8 × 7.5 cm