SafeTech plus SafeFloor Set (25mm)

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Services Pressures:
Min. 2 Bar
Max. 16 Bar

Service Temperature:
Max. 30 °C

Connection Sizes & Flow Rates:
(Currently Available)
¾” (20mm) 7,3m³/h
1” (20mm) 7,8m³/h

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The SafeTech and SafeFloor is the most modern electronic system that permanently monitors the water consumption and compares it to the predefined values. All valve settings can be controlled with the smartphone and the SYR App available in the App Store for free.

The SafeTech is able to monitor the water hardness, pressure, volume and temperature. It is capable of detecting leaks as small as 0.03 liters per minute and will automatically close off the water supply with a ball valve.

Technical specifications: